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Testimonial by Chris W.

Kelli Howie has worked with our daughter, Scarlett, from the time she was just 9 months old.  Scarlett's seven now, and come a tremendous way because of Kelli's work.  Kelli's new business: "OT Kidsense" isn't really a new business at all.  She's been helping kids for years.  Kelli is a gold star OT, rivaled by no one in the field that I've ever met.

So many OTs use a rather narrow range of techniques to address a specific identified issue.  For Scarlett, global delays in her fine motor abilities, sensory issues and many other issues made for several moving targets.  No amount of narrow goal setting was ever going to address all of Scarlett's needs.  Scarlett needed a rounded, whole-human approach to therapy, and that is exactly what Kelli provides.

Any concerned parent looking at sensory or fine motor issues with their child in the area should take a look a Kelli's new business.  Our daughter would not be the same without her.

Testimonial Sharouk A.

Kelli Howie has to be one of the best Occupational Therapists my family has worked with. My little sister has had probably four different occupational therapists and Kelli was by far our favorite. She worked the longest with my sister and was really able to identify all of her specific fine motor and sensory  needs so quickly! 
What we love about Kelli is that she creates a new and individualized special approach and techniques for each individual child. That's what makes her great! Not only is she very educated and skilled in her work, but she seriously is very good with children, and that is a very essential skill as well. We love Kelli so much and we are so glad we got to work with her, she helped Fatimah grow so much so fast!

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