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Sign Language for 'tree'


For families, schools, or other groups

  • Kelli can meet with you to discuss your child's needs.

  • Consultation on creating a sensory gym/ play areas in homes and schools, includes swing setup and sensory enriching space design.

  • Consultation to schools, staff, professionals and parents in adaptation of environments to enhance a child's sensorimotor development or to support an individual child's special needs

  • Parent education in sensory motor integration & developmental play

  • Site visit Consulation

  • Sign language parent/ child groups

Handwriting Without Tears

Individual Therapy & Evaluation

For individual children & their families

My Sensory Integration Clinic provides services to children from 0–18 years old with diagnoses/ differences that include:


  • Sensory Processing Disorder/ Self Regulation Challenges

  • Feeding Issues

  • Dyspraxia

  • Dysgraphia (writing difficulties)

  • Fine Motor Difficulties

  • Autism Spectrum

  • ADD / ADHD

  • Auditory Processing

  • Executive Functioning Deficits

  • Specific Learning Disability, including Dyslexia

  • Intellectual Disability

  • Down Syndrome

Visual Motor Therapy


For adults looking to learn more

  • Mentoring new OTs 

  • Staff training for programs, schools or organiztions 

  • Parent workshops 


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